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Streamlining of IT Services

by | Jun 22, 2021

Dear Valued Stakeholders,


In December of 2020, we wrote to you to advise that db automation and Premier Bowl Feeders had become part of the PCE GROUP of Companies and would become trading divisions of PCE Automation. We further availed you of our new banking details.

From Monday 28th June 2021 we will embark on the next steps of business alignment, with the centralisation of all IT services. Operations Manager Andrew Reeve commented “With 3 companies coming together in the successful way they have, we have turned our attentions to a single IT service provider and are delighted that CTC Computers will be adopting all services. It is also very important that we adopt a single identity in terms of the way we can contact and are contacted by our customers and suppliers, so streamlining our email system in this way, clearly defines a singular identity as we move forward.”

Our standard convention for email addresses has been;

nick@db-automation.co.uk or gil@premierbowlfeeders.co.uk

but from the 28th June 2021, you will need to replace the db or Premier Bowl Feeders with pce-group (eg n.parker@pce-group.co.uk)

This change will be the forerunner for all email addresses within the group to eventually adopt this convention, however, we are taking a carefully staged approach to ensure this phase goes without a hitch.

Please note the above date and information, in order that correspondence is directed to the correct inbox from the transition date. If you experience any difficulties or transmission errors, please do not hesitate to contact n.parker@pce-group.co.uk.

We appreciate your help with this and we look forward to working with you in 2021 and beyond, as your partner in automation….