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Post Mould Decoration

db automation has a range of high speed automation hot foiling systems.

We offer a wide range of printing technologies available for marking plastics, within many industries and manufacturing processes.

The system benefits from high resolution vision inspection to ensure your finished product is printed to the quality requirements.

With the benefit of either integrating into other equipment or having it as a stand alone unit, this equipment offers you the flexibility for your production layout.

Our systems are designed to ensure dependable long-term performance and reliability in the most demanding operating environments for the application of variable product information.

The system offers precise and repeatable positioning of the product beneath the printing head, to ensure highest quality end product is guaranteed.

Key Benefits:

  • Conveyor based in-feed and out-feed.
  • Reel-to-reel foil delivery system, including closed loop feedback.
  • Fully controllable heater functions.
  • Hot Foil press is easily adjustable for fine positioning.
  • High resolution vision inspection for reject identification.
  • Reject ‘hopper’ for further QC checking (if required).
  • Servo controlled indexing conveyor, for component transport.
  • Intuitive touchscreen Human Interface, for machine controls.
  • Fully self-contained, for integration or standalone use.

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