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Bristol Airport Advertising

by | Nov 6, 2019

The aviation industry is fascinating, with so many collaborations, and elements that many of us miss.

From robots and automation, to software controlled flight systems, to sorting of luggage, automation and robots are everywhere, creating a more pleasurable experience for the customer, traveller and worker.

This year we have collaborated with Eye Airports, based at Bristol Airport. Penny Swarfield Regional Director for Eye Airports at Bristol supported us with our vision for an  advertisement based in the departure lounge.

The reason? We want to share our experience and knowledge with many in a way that’s visual.

Airport advertising is used by brands and businesses to target potential consumers in a captive environment.

We spent a great deal of time evaluating which airport to work alongside, we needed to understand where people are going, what the footfall was, and what potential businesses could collaborate with us.

Bristol Airport has an estimated footfall this year of 10, million.

With diverse routes and many business routes across Europe including the gateway of America! Ireland.

Airport advertising allows the PCE GROUP to target a range of audiences from the high income, business leader audience who love luxury goods to the family taking their annual summer holiday.

We felt as an automation business a digital advert capturing and engaging whilst hours were spent waiting for flights was the ideal. Not only for promotion. The advert was tested with all ages, appealing to the young and more senior each group asking an interesting array of questions. “What’s that,” was predominantly asked by the younger ages, which has lead to conversations, and enquiries from local schools. (Something we are engaging within locals adjacent to our Suffolk and Leicestershire sites.)

The average traveller spends 2 or more hours in the airport prior to their departure time, not only is our advertisement a promotional tool for our business, it’s a conversation starter! We want more people talking not only about us, but the positives in manufacturing, as leaders within our field we want to share our knowledge, educate and build relationships, we are literally taking off as an automation business, the airport is the perfect place!