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Installation Of Automation In America.

by | Nov 6, 2019

Automation In America

Following successful trips for both James Cook MD PCE Automation and Nick Parker db automation Ltd, our team of engineers and Project Manager Ronan Quinn are also heading across the pond to work alongside 2r Automation Ltd.

Ronan has taken some time from his tight schedule to answer our questions.





Where are you travelling to?

Libertyville, Chicago IL.

Who are you visiting?  

A major plastics provider within Libertyville. This company are utilising automation to improve their product, profitability and sustainability. They are aware of the level of interest surrounding plastics, and are a conscious plastics provider.

What is the purpose of the trip?

We are installing 2 of 7 demould/take out robots with 2r Automation, who are based in the US.

Why are you installing this automation solution?

The manufacturer creates plastic closures and packaging components. They produce a large amount of products, daily, and require the automation to further make their production more efficient, with regards to packaging and sending out the door to the customer.

What’s been the weirdest thing you’ve seen?

No guns signs on restaurant doors, like our no smoking signs back home.

What can’t you travel without? (Don’t say a passport!)

My headphones – I like to use my own headphones on long flights instead of the generic ones.  They help make the flight more bearable  by blocking out crying babies and loud people. 

The potential you believe this trip will bring?

There’s always potential to grow and learn new things.Every installation has it’s set-backs and issues , which are opportunities to gain the problem solving ability that may be applied in future situations. Also the opportunity to meet new people and create new connections throughout the world.

What automation processes are being discussed?

The process of install is being largely discussed.

We plan to have the robot ready for commission in three days to be able to take out components from a mould machine, drop their sprues and then send them into an acceptance chute. The sprues will be reground for future use of that product with the accepted caps will go onto their next process. Creating a circular loop economic process, reducing product going to landfill.

Exporting is this vital to the economy of the UK is it a positive?

Yes I believe so.  Automation is strongly underpinned by exports because the UK doesn’t have the same demand as somewhere like the US. The UK should be looking to export to the world to maintain a good economic relationship with other countries.