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Injection Moulding Automation

Injection Moulding Automation Systems

We have worked within the Injection Moulding Industry (molding),  manufacturing Injection Moulding automation solutions to highest degrees of speed and accuracy.  This is our main area of expertise and we continue to evolve at pace with industry, technologial enhancements and customer needs, helping our customers realise the many benefits and a swift return on investment.  

As attitudes change towards single use plastics and how they are manufactured, new designs, materials and products emerge which require new approaches; so we remain at the forefront of industry evolution, in helping to overcome the challenges of tomorrow as we take collective global steps toward sustainability and eco-friendly materials.

Advances in technology, materials and experience, help us to improve the reliable handling of the most delicate components; seamlessly and safely integrating product handling processes with downstream automation (Robotics,  Collaborative Robotics, Assembly, Continuous Motion, Packaging)  solutions. 

It has never been a better time to invest in automation to complement your production environment.  Our bespoke designed injection moulding automation systems will represent a tremendous investement, increase productivity and reduce time to market; delivering a swifter ROI. 

From design to installation, we will be with you on every step of your automation journey.

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