FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

The FMCG packaging (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector covers a vast array of plastic products, derived from PP, PE and PET plastics, derived from both IM and BM Injection Moulding Proccesses.

The common packaging we see on the shelves of our supermarkets are formed, such as containers for healthcare products (tubes and bottles). These can be complex in design, profile and appearance, to meet with every changing designs and demands,

Within FMCG packaging, plastic alternatives such as bamboo are also becoming more popular as the collective focus of manufacturing seeks to reduce the negative effects on the environment; promoting sustainability.

db have evolved with these customer challenges, to produce agile automated solutions that offer greater flexibility, (in terms of the products that can be handled) whilst delivering the required throughput, functionality and results to meet customer demands.

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