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End of Line Packaging

End of Line Packaging

It is entirely possible to build an automated plant entirely around the front and back end of a packaging line.  Within a vast majority of packaging operations, both entire systems and stand alone sections (cells) are possible.  In any case db, automation have a vast array of cost and environmentally friendly packaging options to meet your EOL needs. 

Almost every business where packaging is required, deploying End of Line Automation technologies to ensure that products are efficiently collated, packaged and dispatched in perfect condition to the consumer.   We have a range of options which can boost rigidity to protect consignments from the rough and tumble of haulage and export.

There are a number of factors to consider when considering your automation options.   Speed and throughput remains the front runner in most considerations,  however the complexity of payload (Size, Weight etc), may affect the possible expected end result. Our vastly experienced, knowledgeable and collaborative team will work with you to provide a series of possibilities, which will deliver you a sustainable solution; underpinned by value, longevity and quality to deliver you a swift ROI.  



Box Palletisers receive tube laden trays complete with a lid; via customisable conveyor systems.  The tray often arrives at a location, where it is picked and placed onto a pallet via robotic technology.  Trays are placed into an effective pattern upon an awaiting pallet, to a pre-set format, depending on the tray and pallet size.

Trays are supported from below and are clamped throughout transit from point A to B, ensuring minimal movement.  Optional print and apply labelling and vision inspection can be deployed to label and verify fulfilment of packaging; providing a robust and all encompassing EOL System.

 We also manufacture swept style palletisers of multiple collation buffers, through to fully automated robotic cells.  Palletisers can be semi-automatic or fully automatic, with the ability to add protective materials between layers, to protect against contamination. Filled products can also be palletised using our MP-100 technology.

 Box Handling

From simple 2-Box diverters to multiple box indexers incorporating Part and Weigh Counting Processes, db automation can provide a number of solutions to meet all of your Box Handling needs.   

Tray Packing

We create a vast number of Tray Packing Solutions across a multitude of sectors, using robotics, conveyors and other methods to quickly an  accurately pack trays with items of various profiles.  Our expert Applications Team are constantly exploring and adding new solutions to our range, creating bespoke Tray Packing options of exceptional quality.

Case Loading

The Case Loader range is fully versatile and adaptable for a variety of products and can be modified for most product requirements, from over-caps to lids.  When used in conjunction with moulding cells, take-out robots and case erectors, a highly efficient cell can be produced.  Contact us today, to discuss your Case Loading ambitions. 

 Collation and Stacking

From non-nesting products, through to push-on lid handling, we have the stacking solution to meet your needs; including an innovative range of  stacking and spin-bar solutions.  

Lost Head Trepanning

For larger diameter and neck finishes of a non cylindrical profile (such as extrusion blow moulded containers) ‘Lost heads’ are moulded, which requires removal following de-flashing, which can then be reground and fed back into the resin feed.

db have developed an established range of solutions for this, such as the high accuracy CNC Range and the High Volume Spin Trimmer.  Our Applications Team are on hand to bring your requirements to life. 

Why choose db?  

The combined technical experience of our staff, enables us to provide high-quality automation machinery.  Our product range enables us to design & create the very best solution possible for all your EOL needs.

Bespoke systems, unique design, ongoing customer support and a team of skilled quality engineers and craftsman in the UK, positions us as your one stop EOL provider.

To find out more please contact our Sales Team today.

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