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Conveyors… Why choose a conveyor?

When properly implemented, automated conveyors can help a variety of different industries cut costs and improve productivity. Ultimately, you should adopt automated conveyor systems if you want to…

1. Create more space for your workforce.

Automated conveyors require half as much space as manual-operated machines. When there’s no need to leave room for multiple operators or forklifts, it’s amazing how open a production floor can become. Furthermore, automated conveyors don’t need to be “grounded” either; on the contrary, conveyors can actually be suspended from the ceiling. This can be especially useful to small or medium sized facilities looking to maximise floor space.

2. Conveyors reduce costs!

Manual material handling requires a lot of manpower. Automated conveyors and automation systems require far less human intervention.

3. A conveyor creates a safer workplace.

 Automated conveyors will always require the supervision of trained human eyes, their ability to streamline material handling helps to significantly lower the risk of human error. Time and time again we hear about workplace accidents and mistakes that either cause severe injuries, recalls, or unsatisfied orders. While no single action can eliminate these risks entirely, automating your material handling processes with conveyors and proper guarding will enable you to take a step in the right direction.

4. Quality reliability and efficiency (all from a conveyor.)

As part of the PCE GROUP, db automation are able to offer a range of custom designed conveyor units, or modular chain conveyors, from the Bosch Rexroth VarioFlow range. 

The Bosch Rexroth VarioFlow range are extraordinarily stable, the chain allows VarioFlow to achieve chain tensile forces of up to 1,250 N.

The nearly closed chain surface allows even small components to be conveyed without complication. An extensive range of conveyor modules provides solutions for the most diverse conveying tasks

5. The conveyor adapts quickly to any task

An outstanding VarioFlow characteristic is easily it adapts to specific tasks. VarioFlow masters even the most difficult layouts where other conveyor systems fail. On-site adaptation to complex applications is a breeze, and usually requires the exchange of just a few components, such as the chain or the slide rails. This enables many market sectors including, medical, household and pharmaceutical, to achieve great results, and improve efficiency.

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The benefits of conveyors are:

  • Modular conveyor system.
  • Efficient FMSsoft planning software, based on AutoCAD
  • Fast, smooth assembly due to pre-engineered modules
  • Economical product hardware
  • High chain tensile strength
  • Modular, compact drives for conveyor speeds from 5 to 66 m/min
  • Seven sizes, 65, 80, 90, 100, 160, 240 and 320 mm system width
  • A range of chain styles for optimum transport of any material
  • Large selection of curves and arcs for individual conveyor layouts
  • Frequency inverter to match the conveyor speed to the application
  • With oil, dirt, or shavings — VarioFlow can also be used in tough environments.

Conveyors can also be supplied as open aluminium or stainless steel sections for the dry & wet food & drink and medical markets.

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