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When properly implemented, conveyors can help a variety of different industries with cutting costs and improve productivity. Ultimately, you should adopt automated conveyor systems if you want to;

  • Create more space for your workforce.
  • Enhance Safety, Quality and Consistency

Automated conveyors can require a smaller footprint, compared to manual-operated machines and can be efficiently deployed to maximise use of space.  Endless configurations and possibilities exist.  Contact our team today to discuss your ambitions.  We will have the solution to meet your ambitions.  .

Workplace accidents and injuries can be mitigated as conveyors can take the strain, whilst allowing you to focus on the quality of items heading into the supply chain and to increase rates of production/processing.

db automation are able to offer a range of custom designed conveyor units, or modular chain conveyors, from the Bosch Rexroth VarioFlow range.   These offer ultimate stability and reliabilty to help overcome the most diverse conveying requirements.

The benefits of conveyors are:

  • Modular and Customisable to your environment
  • Efficient FMSsoft planning software, based on AutoCAD
  • Fast, smooth and low maintenance.
  • Economical
  • Strong and Robust
  • Modular, compact drives to control speed

Conveyors can also be supplied as open aluminium or stainless steel sections, for the dry & wet food & drink and medical markets.

To find out how our conveyors and automation solutions can support your business contact our sales team.

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