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Bowl Feeders

Bowl Feeders & Feeding Solutions

Bowl feeders are a dynamic solution to manage the accurate sorting and orientation of components or product. 

Our bowl feeders are hand crafted by our skilled engineers; who craft reliable and robust units, designed specifically with your product or market sector in mind. 

Premier Bowl Feeders suitably orientate your products, whilst guaranteeing a consistent and accurate flow to your production lines.

Our feeders can work in perfect harmony with any combination of automaton technology from the db automation product range. 

Our feeders are exported across the globe, from central Europe to the United States of America and can be made from a range of materials, predominantly stainless steel, aluminium, polyamide.  Different coatings can be applied to suit the application or market sector.

Sizes range from small tabletop to large fixtures.

We provide a complete range of bowl feeders available from and including Drive Units, Bowls, Bowl Centres, Control Boxes and additional accessories.

All specifications are available upon request and upon consultation with our sales team.

Contact our sales team today. 

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