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Bowl Feeders

Bowl Feeders, Feeding Solutions and Automation Solutions.

Bowl feeders are a dynamic solution to manage the accurate sorting and orientation of components or product.

Our bowl feeders are design and manufactured within the UK. Each bowl is custom made and can include Bowl Feeding solutions (Linear Conveyors and Escapements to your precise specifications.)

Our senior engineers have vast experience of designing, manufacturing and servicing Bowl Feeders and offer customers reliable, robust units which are market leading .

We offer a complete range of services and equipment associated with bowl feeding components, from a standalone Bowl Feeder to a complete Bowl Feeding system.

Bowl feeders can be supplied in a selection of materials including stainless 304/316 for food and pharmaceutical applications to meet compliance requirements.

Stainless Steel tooling is used on all Bowl Feeders and can be internally or externally tooled to suit the components. External tooling can produce much higher feed rates and also increases the storage space in the bowl top for components. 

Our bowl feeders are hand crafted by our skilled engineers, who craft reliable and robust units, designed specifically with your product or market sector in mind.

Our bowl tops and drive units have been designed to work in harmony alongside each other and handle components from a wide variety of market sectors. The widest possible range of shapes and sizes made of many kinds of material can be catered for. Our unique conveyors and drive units ensure smooth consistent feed characteristics with minimal vibration to the assembly machine.

bowl feeders, hand crafted bowl feeder

Our feeders can work in perfect harmony with any combination of automaton technology creating the perfect automation solution and are UK manufactured.

They are suited to many market sectors including, medical, pharmaceutical, caps and closures, household and food.

As a UK manufacturer our feeders are exported across the globe, from central Europe to the United States of America and can be made from a range of materials, predominantly stainless steel, aluminium, polyamide.

Different coatings can be applied to suit the application or market sector (these include medical automation, pharmaceutical automation and clean room automation.)

Sizes range from small tabletop to large fixtures.

Our sales team are available to discuss:

  • Vertical Vibratory Bowl Feeders
  • Sorting Bowls
  • Vibratory Linear Feeders
  • Automated Feeding Systems
  • Bulk Feed Hoppers
  • Vibratory Bowl Feeder Design
  • Vibratory Bowl servicing, relining and retooling
  • Vibratory Bowl specification, design and manufacture
  • Vibratory Bowl Feeder Accessories & Parts

All specifications are available upon request and upon consultation with our sales team.

No matter how unique your part feeding challenge might appear to you now, with many years experience in creating bespoke bowl feeder our team will have experienced something similar and can quickly steer you in the right direction.

For your automation solution Contact our sales team today.

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